About J + M


It all started when...

Jen Yuhas, a recent transplant from Cleveland, OH first experienced a Madonna McManus class in the winter of 2016.  Preparing to move to Houston meant finding new teachers in her new city.  Based on the recommendation of a friend, Jen practiced with Madonna and it was love at first flow. 

Jen and Madonna instantly connected after that first class and a friendship was born. Fast forward and that friendship led to the creation of The Atrium Yoga Studio. 

Combined, J + M have been teaching yoga for 19+ years and practicing for 35+ years. Their love of yoga informs everything they do.


About Jen

Jen took her first yoga class in the winter of 1999 with her brother in a basement of an old YMCA.  The room was completely dark except for one lonely candle that flickered by their movements.  They rolled out their mats on the dank carpeting & began their practice.  Things were going well until the teacher told them to ‘be the cow & let their udders hang low.’ Jen was doing her best not to make eye contact with her brother who she knew would make her crack up with laughter & then it happened, they both lost it & were in tears laughing. She walked out of class light & happy.

Jen began her teaching career in Cleveland, OH in 2008 after 15 years in non-profit management. She is honored to practice with extraordinary teachers like Deborah Adele, Sharon Gannon, Jonny Kest, David Life, Janet Stone & Max Strom, yet she says the most exceptional teacher continues to be life itself. Jen believes it is a privilege to teach this ancient & sustaining life practice. 

About Madonna

Madonna's life has been transformed by practicing and teaching yoga. Madonna started practicing yoga in 2006 and completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2011 with Jennifer Buergermeister, and her second in 2012 with Nancy Perry. She has since trained with and has been inspired by Ana Forrest, Les Leventhal, David Magone, Baron Baptiste, Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. She loves to incorporate multiple lineages of yoga in designing a creative, challenging, and inspiring vinyasa class with an emphasis on breath and mind-body-soul connection. 

Madonna has a PhD in Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics, and has the ultimate goal of combining her research experience with her yoga teaching to provide a healing space based on knowledge from multiple angles. Off the mat, Madonna's greatest joy is spending time with her rescue dogs and husband, Michael. Madonna believes that every passing moment is an extraordinary opportunity to learn, connect, and love.

Our Practice Informs Our Lives

J + M continue their yoga studies through group and private practice, continuing education and various workshops.  They have a combined 4000+ hours of teaching experience.  J + M each have experience in leading private, group and corporate classes as well as workshops, seminars, teacher trainings, and large scale public events.  But it is their individual and on-going practice that informs their teachings and their lives.